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Breastfeeding support groups

 Nutrition of breast milk is the richest and the most complete. Containing a variety of antibodies, breast milk can not only strengthen the immunity of the baby but also offers many other advantages, such as easy digestion and absorption, easiness to carry along, no need to keep warm and brew, moderate temperature, absolute freshness, and being economical and environmental. In sum, breast milk is the most perfect natural food given by God. In addition to nurturing and protecting the babies from diseases, breastfeeding improves parent-child relationships, help post-natal uterine contraction, assists the mother in returning to her pre-pregnancy weight, and reduces the risk of breast cancer. Those are some of the benefits that can not be replaced by currently commercially available formula. The Public Health Center in each district of Taichung City has hired distinguished professionals to form breastfeeding support groups to which you and your family are welcome to join. It is hoped that valuable experience can be shared and breastfeeding can prevail.

  • Data update: 2022-01-18
  • Publish Date: 2021-11-23
  • Source: Health Bureau
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