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Functions and Responsibilities

  • Date: 2018-12-20
  • Issued by: Health Bureau

1. Medical Administration: medical personnel management, medical institutions management, emergency medical aid, medical resource planning, medical quality control, municipal hospital management, advocacy for national health insurance, long-term care (planning, promotion, monitoring, and assessment) and management of special cases.
2. Food and Drug Administration: food hygiene and nutrition management, management of pharmaceutical institutions, drugs, medical equipment, cosmetics and pharmaceutical personnel.
3. Health Promotion: Health management and promotion, health care services, tobacco control (promotion, supervision, planning, and assessment), and workplace health promotion.
4. Inspection: On-site inspection of cases applied by citizens, inspection of illegal cases petitioned and/or reported by citizens, routine or scheduled inspections on various industries (including sampling, testing and counseling), investigation of food poisoning, and other matters.
5. Disease Control: Legal monitoring and reporting requirements of acute and chronic infectious diseases, hospital infection control and prevention advocacy, vaccination, health screening for foreign workers (including management and reporting).
6. Laboratory: Testing of food, drugs, cosmetics and public health matters.
7. Mental Health: mental health, prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault,drug abuse prevention(including planning, promotion, supervision, and assessment) and case management.
8. Planning and Information: comprehensive planning, research and development, project management and evaluation, legal, public service, international health exchanges and cooperation, regional cooperation, public relations, contact, health-care volunteer services, community medical training, health education, health clinic management, and analysis of health marketing data and health information.


Profile of Public Health Bureau

Please contact us by:
Telephone: +886-4-2526-5394
Unit Local number
Service counter 2500
Medical Administration 3700
Food and Drug Administration 5700
Health Promotion 3300


Disease Control


Laboratory Fengyuan District ext. 3600 ;Nan-Tun District Tel ( 04) 23801182
Mental Health 5600
Planning and Information 5300

Senior Execative

Chief Secretary 2070

Senior Specialist

Deputy Director 2030
Deputy Director 2050
Director 2012
Address: No. 136, Zhongxing Road, Fengyuan District, Taichung City

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