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Drug abuse prevention center of Taichung City Government

1.Great Taichung has formed the 「Drug abuse prevention center of Taichung City Government」(abbreviated as Drug abuse prevention Center) after the merger of both Taichung city and Taichung county. The service scope covers the promotional education, withdrawal syndrome therapies, follow-up and assistance in addition to the referral services for the drug users and their family like social assistance, legal service, occupational training and employment service etc.

2.The cross department collaboration services initiated by the drug abuse prevention center and the integrated resources of anti-drug through the center will provide more diverse information and communication channels. In addition to the assistance of the drug abusers’ hospital access for the withdrawal syndrome therapy and guide them back to the normal lives for not recurring again, the center will help the family of the drug abusers to understand the damage of drugs to make them functioning to support the drug abusers to recover from the drug addiction. Also, the center will continue to educate the general public how to take anti-drug actions to minimize the negative impact of drugs on the whole society.

3.Any questions about drug abuse, please call to the free hotline for24 hours:0800-770885(chinese euphony: chi-chi-ni-bang-bang-wo).

  • Data update: 2018-12-21
  • Publish Date: 2018-12-10
  • Source: Health Bureau
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