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Health Bureau, Taichung City Government Calls on Citizens to “Inspect, Invert, Clean and Rub” to Stay Away from the Threats of Dengue Fever

  • Date: 2018-12-13
  • Issued by: Health Bureau
遠離登革熱威脅 中市衛生局籲掌握「巡、倒、清、刷」4撇步
Intermittent rains occurred recently in Taichung City. The Health Bureau, Taichung City Government stated that containers are easily flooded after rain, creating an environment that vectors breed and causing vector density to increase. Since it is the contagious season of Dengue fever, Health Bureau calls on citizens to “inspect, invert, clean and rub” containers immediately after the rain. “Inspect” is to check one’s surrounding environment. “Invert” is to place unused containers upside-down. “Clean” is to dispose abandoned containers. “Rub” is to clean the containers to get rid of insect eggs and reduce the breeding to vectors in order to stay away from the threat of Dengue fever.

The Health Bureau stated, although recently Dengue fever reports were oversea infections, Dengue fever vectors are distributed around the country and are under the risk of outbreaks. Citizens should actively inspect the living and working surroundings after rains. We also expect all district offices to conduct “City Cleaning Day” every Saturday and help the citizens to conduct household cleaning together and dispose all indoor and outdoor breeding sources such as buckets, bowls & bottles, pots, Styrofoam boxes, paper boxes, outdoor water tanks, canvas, abandoned tires, leaves, tree holes, ghost money burning buckets, rain boots, flag pole holes and others.

Director Hsu Yuan-nian of Health Bureau calls on citizens that getting rid of all vector breeding sources is the only way to prevent Dengue fever outbreak. Intermittent rains caused floods in some areas. To prevent containers being filled with water and breed vectors, citizens should clean the environment with personal protection after a rain, implement the cleaning of indoor and outdoor breeding sources, reduce the vector density of one’s community and prevent Dengue fever virus from spreading. He also reminds citizens to go to the hospitals as soon as possible if feeling uncomfortable to prevent related outbreaks.

Contact Person: Ms. Lin Health Bureau, Taichung City Government
Telephone: 25265394 EXT 3500
  • Date : 2016-09-26
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