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Playing Table Games and Refusing Drugs! Taichung City Government Invites Volunteers From Colleges and Universities to Join the Coaching Program

Table games
Table games

The Taichung City Health Bureau has launched the Smiling Sunflower College and University Accompaniment and Coaching Project, recruiting college and university students to visit high-risk youth homes or disadvantaged families to offer them companionship and coaching. Since table games are very popular among young people and they help to foster social activities and interpersonal relationships, the city government intends to prevent the youths from becoming familiar with drugs through anti-drug table games so that they may understand the various disguises of drugs and learn how to say no to drugs.
According to the Health Bureau Director, Tseng Tzu-chan, considering the decreasing age of drug abusers, in order to prevent youths from drug abuse and instill the concept of drug-prevention, anti-drug, and refusing drugs to the younger generation, so that they will not be deceived into using drugs due to their naiveté and curiosity, college and university volunteers are invited to accompany youths from youth homes to learn and endow them with the right attitude in life. Furthermore, anti-drug table games help to enhance their knowledge of drug abuse prevention, thereby improving their social skills and imbue the anti-drug campaign with an element of playfulness.
Volunteer A Hsin commented that after joining the Smiling Sunflower College and University Volunteer Squad, he rides to youth homes in Taichung to read with the students, listen to their thoughts and care about their feelings. By applying what he has learned in school to read with the students, he can appreciate the value of helping others during the process, hence he has decided to continue participating in the program this year.
The Health Bureau has extended its welcome to all students or adults 18 years old or over to join the Drug Abuse Prevention Center (DAPC)'s Sunflower Volunteer Squad. For more details, please call the 0800-770-885 anti-drug hotline, 04-25265394#5695 (Ms. Hung), or join the Taichung City DAPC's official line (@YFH9327E), where our dedicated staff is at your service.

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  • Data update: 2020-08-11
  • Publish Date: 2020-08-06
  • Source: Health Bureau
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