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The First “Model Night Market of Hygiene”- Hanxi Night Market!

  • Date: 2018-12-13
  • Issued by: Health Bureau
To upgrade the hygiene standard of night market food stands, the Taichung City Government Health Bureau launched the “Model Night Market of Hygiene” guidance project. Hanxi night market in the city’s East District was chosen as the first subject of practice and the food vendors were fully supported in building correct hygiene concepts and implementation. The Bureau hosted its wrap-up presentation today (17), with the night market management committee and vendors sharing their thoughts and course of guidance onstage, on creating the new look of a clean night market together!

The food industry of Taichung is developing rapidly, especially the renowned night market delicacies in the city. They have become a part of daily life for citizens and a must-go sight for visitors searching with a map. The health and safety of “visiting night markets and tasting delicious food” needs to be secured by examinations from both the government and industry in collaboration. Besides routine night market inspections, the Health Bureau began implementing its “Model Night Market of Hygiene” guidance project as of November, 2016.

“Hanxi Night Market” was the first night market in expressing a desire to go along with the guidance project! In response to regular hours and business needs of the stands during the course of events, the Health Bureau not only conducted “food sanitation workshops” and coordinated Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital Physical Exam Center to provide onsite health checks for vendors and food industry workers, but also sent in personnel to provide guidance according to the Regulations on Good Hygiene Practice for Food on site. Key focuses included food worker registration, wearing clean operating clothes, caps and masks, maintain clean counters, separate processing of raw and cooked food, and keeping tableware and ingredients off the ground to avoid polluting, reserving purchase receipts and preparing labels for seasoning and sauce cans. Air pollution prevention concept was also promoted for the fume issue of night markets. Exhaust control equipment was added to stands to maintain the health of customer and vendors alike. In addition, the catchy jingle of “handle food and money with different hands so germs don’t enter through the mouth” is used for the common issue of food contact after receiving money to improve the sanitation in regards to returning changes.

After Hanxi night market received guidance, the Health Bureau made a questionnaire survey on opinions of “Model Night Market of Hygiene” project implementation. 80% among the public were affirmative, and 90% of the public supported the Health Bureau in continuing its “Model Night Market of Hygiene” guidance project. More night markets of Taichung City will be joining the ranks of model night markets in the future, to make a common effort for the food safety and enjoyment of its citizens!
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