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Taichung Youth Food Security Squad assists restaurants and beverage shops to promote food safety around campuses

  • Date: 2018-12-13
  • Issued by: Health Bureau
中市食安青年軍輔導餐飲店啟動 從校園周邊店家提升食品安全

Taichung City Government cooperated with the departments of food sciences and related disciplines at 8 universities to establish the first “Youth Food Safety Squad” in Taiwan last year. With members more than 1,420 people, the students were led by food science experts to help the Health Bureau to counsel food businesses to build up tracking systems. They also visited campuses to promote food safety, accomplishing good results. In this year, the Health Bureau expanded the program by cooperating with 10 universities to start from the food safety around campuses. Step by step, they are going to expand the program to food and catering businesses in the entire city in order to consolidate the goal of building Taichung into a city of food safety.

The Health Bureau held the launching ceremony of “Youth Food Safety Squad Food Business Counseling” program earlier today (3) in the Administrative Building on Taiwan Boulevard. Director-General Hsu Yong-nian of the Health Bureau and the teachers and students of the “Youth Safety Squad” erected the flag and put on armbands to announce the beginning of the campaign. Honorable guests, including representatives from schools, Councilor Liu Shih-chou of the City Council, representative from the office of Councilor Wang Li-ren, Director Dai Dong-rong of the Taichung Professional Labor Union of Caterers, Director Ye Xin-hong of Taichung Cooking Association, CEO Hou Chi-hsiang of Vitalon Foundation, Director Luo Yong-zeng of Taichung Restaurant and Beverage Vocational Association, and more attended to witness the ceremony.

Director-General Hsu Yong-nian of the Health Bureau expressed his gratitude to the help of the teachers and students in promoting the food safety regulations and providing counseling services to the food businesses. In Taichung, there are departments related to food science in various universities, which cultivate students knowledgeable in food safety. Taking the opportunity of forming the “Youth Food Safety Squad” the teachers lead their students to promote food safety starting around the campuses. By accumulating related experiences, in the future, they are expected to bring more positive effects when they engage in the job market in society.

For the universities participating in this program, Director-General Hsu praised their unique features and professional know-how. They will start from the food stalls around their campuses. In addition to allowing food safety to take root, the experiment facilities and equipment in these universities will cooperate with the Health Bureau to promote the capacity of testing to make food safety safer in Taichung.

Chen, a student at the Youth Food Safety Squad from China Medical University expressed that they are going to visit campuses and promote food safety there by introducing the concepts of food safety to students. At the same time, they also visit food courts at the basements of department stores to help food stalls calculate the calories of their dishes and snacks in order to allow consumers understand the nutrition facts as well as promoting the overall eating environment quality. Moreover, they also inspect food sold in markets to test if there are any food additives in them so that the food and beverages sold near campuses will be safer.

Today, there are 10 stalls in the venue tended by food hygiene experts wearing standard working clothes for caterers to introduce the theme of each stall. The universities students have introduced the following issues in lively ways: should caterers receive health check every year, wear standard working clothes and masks, not put any food on the ground, use vessels properly, change the oil regularly and more to display the major items of catering counseling.

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