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Six Taichung-based Associations Congratulate the City for Winning First Place in the National Rating of Food Safety Program.

  • Date: 2018-12-13
  • Issued by: Health Bureau
台中食安計畫評比全國第一 台中6大公會聯名祝賀

The food safety program proposed by Taichung City Government was rated by Ministry of Health and Welfare as the first in the national rating and was awarded a prize of 83 million NTD. To recognize the efforts of the Taichung City Government, six associations, including Taichung Bakery Association, ran a half page advertisement today (5/17) to congratulate Taichung for achieving such a “grand slam” in their ratings. The Taichung Bakery Association, which has been working closely with the Department of Health on food safety, could sense the devotion of the city government, said Zhou Zi-liang, chairman of the Taichung Bakery Association. Chai Jun-lin, chairman of Taichung Tourist Hotel Association, also praised Mayor Lin Chia-lung and the city government for their dedication to food safety, and stated that receiving this award would certainly boost the Taichung’s image.

Six major associations, including Taichung Bakery Association, Great Taichung Restaurant and Beverage Vocational Association, Taichung Tourist Hotel Association, Taichung Hotel Association, Taichung Culinary Association and Taichung Western Food Association, jointly purchased a half page advertisement to congratulate the city government for its national first-place title.

The advertisement congratulated Taichung for its huge success in winning in all five categories of the management programs. It also recognized the city government’s devotion to food safety and reassured people to buy food, because “products from Taichung have assured quality.”

Taichung City Government participated in the Food Safety Pilot Program Competition, held by Executive Yuan to encourage local governments. There the city won first place in the three categories of food safety programs, including Foods Safety Apps and the 139 Project for Bakery Food Safety and Foundation Program. It also won the third and fifth place in two groups: Campus Food Safety Affairs and Agricultural Policy and Environment Protection Affairs, respectively. Eventually, Taichung Government received the prizes from the central government of a total amount of 83 million NTD, which raked first among other cities of the country.

Zhou Zi-liang, chairman of the Taichung Bakery Association, expressed his gratitude to the city government for placing importance on food safety. Since last year, the association had been working closely with the Department of Health on food safety. The chairman went on to say they could sense how devoted the Department of Health and relevant organs were in those weekly meetings.
Chairman Zhou also said that as proposed in the 139 Project for Bakery Food Safety by the Department of Health, the Taichung City Government and the association would make great efforts to set guidelines for the processes of material purchasing, production and preservation of food in bakery industry to follow. This allows for a thorough assurance of food safety throughout the entire industrial chain and reassuring consumers to buy and enjoy food. On top of that, after receiving a national first place ranking, the baking industry would certainly see another growth in sales.

Chai Jun-lin, member of the Board of Food and Drug Safety of Taichung City Government and chairman of Taichung Tourist Hotel Association, also said that as tourist hotels in Taichung had been striving to promote Taichung’s food, they took food safety seriously as well. As the city government actively guarded food safety by implementing policies and procedures, the awards were well deserved and would certainly boost Taichung’s image

Chairman Chai also pointed that in recent years, people had cared more about food safety, and that food industry had been severely hit in the repeated waves of food safety crisis caused by upstream suppliers, which hurt their reputation greatly. Therefore, he urged the government to control food safety from the beginning of the chain. The association could sense how Mayor Lin Jia-lung and the city government were dedicated and committed to food safety, and it also recognized how the Department of Health used encouraging practices towards the suppliers instead of punishment measures. The city government should also implement on the suppliers, who violate the regulations and laws.

Hsu Yuan-Nian, director of the Department of Health, appreciated the encouragement and support from all sectors. The 139 Project for Bakery Food Safety, proposed by the Department, had taken up the challenge of making the processes of supply and production transparent, which were the toughest parts in the management of food chain. Only six months after it came into force, the project had not only attracted industrial and academic sectors, but also won the prize of 10 million NTD from Ministry of Health and Welfare in the competition. Taichung city government would continue to strive for food safety, and make Taichung a model city, where people can buy food without worrying.

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