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Empty Classrooms Turned into Senior Learning Centers

  • Date: 2018-12-13
  • Issued by: Health Bureau
善用閒置空間 打造樂齡行動教室 增加中高齡者學習交流機會

On November 4, the Health Bureau organized the “Story Workshop” for senior citizens at the Zhongxin Elementary School (忠信國小). Deputy Mayor Pan Wen-zhong (潘文忠) hoped that the schools’ empty space can be used to hold workshops for the elderly.

In response to the declining birthrate and to make better use of vacant municipal schools to set up reading rooms, art classes, senior learning centers and others, the Health Bureau and Zhongxin Elementary School in West District signed a cooperation memorandum and held the Story Workshop, which attracted more than 20 elders to participate, whose average age was about 73 years old, while the oldest was 85 years old.

Deputy Mayor Pan Wen-zhong said that the city government has adopted a "721 policy" to cope with the aging society issue. “We hope to build up a good system, in which we will take measures to keep 70% of the elderly stay healthy and prevent them from turning into patients in need of care; 20% in the sub-health category to enhance resilience and strengthen their ability to take care of their own daily living; and 10% in the disabled category can get perfect care. The Story Workshop we are holding for senior citizens today is only a part of our efforts,” said Deputy Mayor Pan.

Xu Yong-nian (徐永年), Director-general of Health Bureau, pointed out “Taiwan has become an aging society, and many retired elders lose focus in life. To allow the elderly to learn and interact with others, we at the city government have been trying to use the idle and low-utilized assets to hold workshops for senior citizens. It is one of the best ways to slow down the dual problem of aging and declining birthrate.”

To turn Taichung into a most livable city, the city government has set up the “Elder-friendly City Promotion Committee," which consists of officials from such bureaus as Social Affairs, Health, Labor Affairs, and Education. Moreover, the Health Bureau has recently won in the 7th Taiwan’s Healthy Cities and Elder-friendly City Competition for its two programs, namely “Senior Action Classrooms” and “Non-smoking Family—Love Front Coalition”. Deputy Mayor Pan Wen-zhong encourages each bureau to continue actively promoting the concept of elder-friendly city and realize the vision to build a friendly environment in Taichung for all the generations.

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