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Taichung Moving On 139 Strategies for Food safety

  • Date: 2018-12-13
  • Issued by: Health Bureau

Taichung mayor Lin Jia-long has recently announced the "139 Strategies for Food safety", in which “1” stands for “1 vision" to build Taichung into a model city of food Safety; “3” means "3-way collaboration" among the government, the industry, and the citizens; and “9” represents the "9 action programs" for the three parties to share and work together, so as to reach the vision.

The 9 action programs can be further divided into three role categories, each of which should be assumed by the government, the industry, and the citizens.
◆ Efficient government
(1) Risk management system: The city government should invite experts and advisers to form a risk-management task force and think tank, design the early warning mechanism for food safety system, build up a complete tracking system to trace the production of foods from their upstream sources, and guide the food industry to conduct self-management and create a positive virtuous circle.
(2) Inspection and Certification: The city government should promote the ingredients safety certification system and provide the check results to traders in the food industry, so that they can learn of what and where the problems are and how to improve them. For example, the pesticide prescription system should be set up and food ingredients and additives should be checked separately.
(3) Laboratory Capacity: The Health Bureau is expected to possess the same level of forensic capability as those detectives in the TV show of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). The Health Bureau laboratory has been equipped with such precision instruments as "liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry,LC/MS/MS" and "gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometry." It is planned to purchase the "heavy metal testing equipment" this year and the "liquid/chromatography/high resoultion tandem mass spectrometer,LC/HRMS/MS" in 2016, in the hope to further upgrade the Health Bureau’s analysis of inspection capabilities.
◆ Good Health Procddure of Industry
(4) Facility Registration: Critical checking points and procedures should be formulated for the food industry, so that traders can renovate their own quality and safety standards and comply with food safety laws and such authentication systems as GHP and HACCP.
(5) Food Trace Database: The registration and listing requirements must be expanded to include everyone which in the food industry (everyone engaged in food production and processing, catering and restaurants, import and selling). For example, the Traceability Cloud Application system should be applied to school lunch suppliers contracted by the Education Bureau, while all the traders in food industry must enroll themselves on the business registration system set up by the Economic Development Bureau.
(6) Network of Partnership Among G-U-I: The universities in Taichung City (namely China Medical University, Chung Shan Medical University, Hungkuang University, Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Chung Hsing University, Tunghai University, Asia University, and Providence University) are hired to help traders in the food industry to strengthen their quality control capabilities and enhance food safety standards.
◆ Citizen Participation
(7) Public Edication For Food Satety: The food safety education and training platform should be set up to translate professional information or knowledge into languages that can be easily understood by every consumers, in order to achieve effective communication.
(8) Protection Against Intentional adulteration: Everyone should serve as a guard for food safety. Any alleged wrongdoing by a food trader or company should be reported for prosecution and punishment, so that the wrongdoer is always sanctioned and the whistleblower is awarded with bounty.
(9) Transparency Information To Public: Inspection of food should be announced soonest possible, so that people can always access first-hand information rapidly.

Taichung Moving On 139 Strategies for Food Satety

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