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Denture Subsidy for Seniors over 65 Years Old

  • Date: 2018-12-13
  • Issued by: Health Bureau

"How wonderful would it be if I have the teeth to eat foods." Many elders aged 65 or above may murmur in their minds as "missing teeth" become a common problem among them. A serious loss of teeth may cause difficulty in chewing foods, resulting in nutritional deficiencies or indirect endangerment to their health and quality of life. Some elders may even alienate themselves only because of missing teeth.

Taichung City Government has adopted the following strategies for its present subsidy program:
1. Every elder is qualified
The number of senior citizens aged 65 and above is about 265,000 in Taichung City. According to a study made in 2005 by the Health Promotion Administration, 21.5% of the elders aged 65 and above suffer from lack of teeth. Thus, about 56,700 elders in Taichung City may need dentures. Supposing that every elder is subsidized NT$40,000, this subsidy program would need a budget of about NT$2.2 billion, for which if we allocate NT$ 300 million a year, we will have a sufficient funding in 8 years. In this year, we will put up a supplementary budget of NT$300 million to provide false teeth for 7,500 elders.
2. Faster approval
Only after the Health Bureau receives the oral examination statement from the dentist will it start to review and approve the application. It took 5 working days to go through the process in 2014 but Health Bureau has decided to shorten the processing time to 4 days in 2015 to avoid keeping the elderly from waiting.
3. Denture treatment everywhere
The city government has already gained the promise from 938 dental clinics and hospitals to provide free oral examination to the silver-haired seniors aged 65 and over.

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