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City of hope with kind action

  • Date: 2018-12-13
  • Issued by: Health Bureau

Traditionally, many dying patients always want to keep their last breath until they reach home. Thus, after they die, their family members must apply for an administrative autopsy at the district health station in order to obtain a death certificate for the funeral purposes. To meet such needs, the Health Bureau of Taichung City Government not only offers the administrative autopsy service but also sets up a"Information kit on death care" to provide more intimate service to the bereaved family.

1. Administrative autopsy service
Physicians at the district health station offer administrative autopsy service and issue a death certificate seven days a week. According to statistics, physicians from district health stations carried out 4,376 administrative autopsies in 2014. The current charge is NT$ 1,000 per administrative inspection but free of charge for those low-income households registered with the city government.
2. Information kit on death care
Considering that when losing their loved ones, many people may not be so familiar with the "funeral-related" application procedures, the Health Bureau takes the initiative to set up the" warm care pack" to provide information about what to do and how to do after their beloved ones die. The "warm care pack contains information about what documents to prepare, what institutions to go, and how to register the death, apply for insurance benefits, get social assistance, inherit and transfer a property, and so forth. Our physician from Health Station will bring the “warm care Pack” over to the bereaved family when conducting the administrative autopsy. Together with the “warm care pack” are letters with pious words from the mayor and the city government team to show warm care and support to the family.

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